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Coffee & Cocktails Episode 2: ECRs and the job market (part II)

Leading on from episode 1, this is part II to the podcast discussion on ECRs and the job market. This podcast is set up in two parts: part I focuses on dispelling the myths for ECRs working on job applications, while part II concentrates on the additional responsibilities that come with being a full-time academic.

Coffee & Cocktails Episode 2: Part 2- ECRs and the job market

Host: Dr Ann Wand (Oxford University)
Guest speakers:
Dr Nicolette Makovicky (Oxford University)
Dr Robert Parkin (Oxford University)
Dr Pietro Antonio Sasso (Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville)

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Coffee & Cocktails- Episode 1: ECRs and the job market


‘Coffee and Cocktails’ is a podcast for Early Career Researchers (ECRs) and/or individuals thinking of taking the plunge and diving into academia. We discuss and address issues faced by ECRs in academia by trying to recognize and think of solutions to current debates across different fields. This week’s topic focuses on issues faced by ECRs in the job market. Topics discussed include: job insecurity and mobility, teaching vs. publications and using social media as a job promotion platform in both American and British institutions.

Coffee & Cocktails Podcast- Episode 1

Host: Dr Ann Wand (Oxford University)
Guest speakers:
Dr Venetia Congdon (Oxford University)
Dr Chihab El Khachab (Oxford University)
Dr Timothy Thurston (Smithsonian Institute)