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Episode 13- How to Network

I’m not going to lie, this interview was so much fun to do. Thanks again to Dr John Paulas, PhD and Dr Anna Marie Trester for being in the show. Your tips and tactics on how to network are invaluable. 

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Our next episode is coming up on ‘How to network’- Stay tuned!


John Paulas

‘Coffee & Cocktails’ is hosting a new episode in a few days’ time called ‘How to network’. Our guest-speakers include Dr John Paulas, PhD, President of PhD Matters Ltd and Dr Anna Marie Trester, Founder of Career Linguist. Stay tuned! #academicchatter #phdchat

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Looking for guest-speakers for next month’s podcast: Women and people of color in academia


If you would like to participate in what will undoubtedly be a very insightful and fruitful discussion on the importance of diversity in academia (both in terms of the role of diversity in literature and in the academy), please feel free to contact our director, Dr Ann Wand.  

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Episode 12: How to have impact inside and outside of academia

C&C has just released its newest episode on ‘How to have impact inside and outside of academia’. Our guest-speakers were Dr Markus J. Prutsch of the European Parliament and Heidelberg University and Dr Alix Green of the University of Essex, both of whom provided an interesting account on the role that academics can play in traditionally non-academic settings.

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Upcoming Episode on Impact in/outside of academia

This week we are very excited to announce our upcoming episode on impact within and outside of academia. Our guest-speakers include Dr Markus J. Prutsch of the European Parliament and Dr Alix Green of the University of Essex. Episode 12 should make for an extremely interesting discussion. Details to follow!

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Alix Green

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Episode 11: Ethics in fieldwork

Take a seat and come listen to our most recent episode on ethics in fieldwork with Dr Jamila Rodrigues of the University of Birmingham and Dr Luisa Schneider of the Max Planck Institute in Halle (Salle), Germany. This rather important discussion covers issues regarding informant anonymity, concerns surrounding sensitive research topics and the importance of public and private institutions in guaranteeing better safety of our students and staff.
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Luminary or Patreon? Where should we go next?

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Hello C&C listeners!

C&C is looking to increase its audience size and is debating moving from SoundCloud to Luminary or Patreon. Since all of our staff (and contributors) work on a voluntary basis, it would be nice to be able to give back to those individuals who have put aside extra working hours to make this podcast and blog possible. If you could share us your thoughts re: Luminary or Patreon (or any other contenders), we would greatly appreciate it.

Thank YOU from all of us at Coffee & Cocktails!